Technical Support, Engineering and Consulting Services


Burleigh Industries offer Technical Support and Consulting Services for companies in the metal finishing industry.

Having many years’ experience working directly for steel abrasive manufacturers both on the manufacturing side as well as in senior sales management roles; where Sales and OperationalPlanning are a big part of matching production output to sales demand, we have the ability to help you solve your problems too.

We approach customer technical support from a different angle than most blast media manufacturers. Initially we meet with you to discuss your requirements for the blast cleaning process and any challenges you may have in meeting your objectives. We are there to support you and not to point out your efforts to keep the machines in the best shape while selling you spare parts you may not need.

Once we have determined the direction you wish to head in, we then carry out machine inspections, where we go into every aspect of the process that affects efficient operation of the blast equipment. This includes processes before and after the blast machines as well as material handling. We look at maintenance records, inventory of spare parts, abrasive additions and operational procedures to determine where the problems lie and what actions are required to solve them.

We also carry out screen analysis of the blast media work mix, separator discard and sometimes the dust collector waste stream if we suspect that there are media losses caused by excessive vacuum from the dust collector.

Via consultation with you and your management team we give a detailed report of our findings and offer a road map of what actions required to get back on track in the most efficient way possible. This service is free for existing customers of blast media. Call Today 864 546 1593