KOTAR Steel Shot

KOTAR Steel Shot (low carbon)
Low carbon steel shot is produced using specially selected low carbon, Sulphur and Phosphorus content scrap.
In the first stage of the shot manufacturing process, steel scrap is melted in induction furnaces to a temperature between 2900°-3000°F. The molten steel is then poured through crucible orifices onto accurately controlled jets of water. The result is an atomizing process that generates a bell curve of particle sizes that when screened meet SAE standards for steel shot size distribution. This manufacturing process generates particles that are stress crack free and with a bainitic microstructure which is ideal for blast cleaning processes.

Why low carbon?
• Low carbon and high manganese steel shot is resistant to impact failure. The impacts generated during the blast cleaning process are transferred homogenously throughout the steel shot.
• In blasting operations, low carbon steel shot gradually becomes smaller due to abrasion, peeling like an onion in small layers throughout 80% of its lifetime. In the final 20% some particles may fracture into smaller pieces due to material fatigue, but these are removed by the blast machine air wash separator. It is a simple fact that particles with minimal surface cracks have an increased life span. The other added benefit is that blast machine wear parts also last longer helping to reduce the overall blast machine operating costs.
• Low carbon steel shot also work hardens during the first few cycles in the blast machine from 40 HR C to 46-49 HR C due to the high manganese content. The end result of this a greater cleaning efficiency/shorter cycle times.
• High carbon steel shot more often breaks up into larger angular particles due to the increased level of stress cracks in the product. This results in the shorter lifespan of blast machine wear parts and contributes to an overall higher cost of operation.

The service life of KOTAR low carbon steel shot is typically 20% longer than its handmtnlowcarbonhigh carbon steel equivalent. KOTAR low carbon steel shot, with its long life and high hardness, gives excellent performance in most blast cleaning applications including; the removal of sand from castings, removal of scale and rust from steel, deburring of machined parts, and general surface preparation of metal parts. It is ideal for use in foundries, forges, steel mills, rolling mills, machine shops, in automobile and aircraft industries as well as in the structural steel industry.

Packaging 2015-10-14 01.20.44Kotar steel shot and special mixed products come in two types of packaging.40 x 50lb Polythene bags on a wooden heavy duty pallet covered with a box top and shrink wrapped or in 55-gallon steel drums on special drum pallets